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The Anglican Church of Bermuda is as much a part of our Bermudian culture as the beat of the snare drum from the neighborhood Gombey troupe; or the refreshing taste of a sweet loquat in season. In fact, the Anglican Church has been a part of the Bermudian way of life from the very beginning. Aboard the Sea Venture on that fateful journey in June 1609, was a Priest of the Church of England, Rev’d Richard Bucke. Thus the ties between Bermuda and the Anglican Communion have a long, rich history.

Gombey dancing - Gerri Crockwell-Sequeros

As the national religious body for the beautiful island of Bermuda, the Anglican Church hopes to offer the same tranquility, serenity and peace that can be found in the scent of salt water, the view of the sunset and the sweet singing of the bluebird. We welcome you into a safe and Godly environment, where a love for Jesus Christ is supreme and service to others in the power of the Holy Spirit is paramount.








The Anglican Church of Bermuda would like to congratulate the Hon. E. David Burt, JP MP, Premier of Bermuda and the members of the Progressive Labour Party on their victory in our General Election on 18th July 2017.


We would also like to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of many in the outgoing OBA Government – for their service and work on behalf of the Country and for their families who have supported them, and pray for them in their role as the Loyal Opposition.  


In addition to praying for our new Premier and the Government of Bermuda on a daily basis, we as a Church undertake to offer our encouragement and support in bringing healing and reconciliation to our divided country, to the rebuilding of community spirit and help in tackling the very real and present issues surrounding education, employment, protection of the vulnerable and marginalized and to seek justice and opportunity for all. This is alongside our primary desire to share the good news and love of our Lord Jesus – whose model of service, forgiveness and grace brings healing, hope and new beginnings.


The spirit of divisiveness has been present in Bermuda for far too long. It has permeated through to every part of community life. It challenges our unity, saps our joy and distracts us from our common purpose. This spirit exemplifies the differences between brothers and sisters instead of celebrating our similarities.  The task of governing this country will be a solemn and challenging one, mistakes and mishaps are bound to occur and unfortunately in a small community, these can often be amplified. Thus, we will need patience and courage and the ability to forgive.


We pray that our new Government will seek to reach out to all for help, including the faith community, as we are also seeking to live in a more united way. We also pray for ongoing wisdom and a spirit of humility and openness in all levels of leadership that, in the words of the Apostle Paul: we may all be enabled to live peaceful and quiet lives, godly and dignified in every way.


May God bless our new Government and may God bless Bermuda and all her people.



The Right Revd. Nicholas Dill

Bishop of Bermuda






The Right Revd. Nicholas B.B. Dill

Bishop of Bermuda

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