The Anglican Church of Bermuda has entered into an Affiliation agreement with St Mellitus College, and upholds and affirms the values of that Theological Education Institution.


Statement of Values

St Mellitus College emerged as a partnership between the Anglican dioceses of London and Chelmsford along with Holy Trinity Brompton’s St Paul’s Theological Centre. Churches or institutions that wish to enter into affiliation with the College need to share the values that have animated the College since its inception. This statement outlines those key values.



We believe that the mission of the church needs theological learning and wisdom. We are committed to the ‘faith once handed on to the saints’, a theological orthodoxy based on the catholic creeds, which is held in a generous, enquiring and open way that is responsive to a changing world.


In the Context of…


Theology is a spiritual, not just an intellectual discipline, so needs to be pursued in the context of a growing life of prayer and worship within an expectation of the presence of the Holy Spirit.



We aim to provide space for all the mainstream traditions of the church, united by the common gift of the Spirit and the presence of Christ in Word and Sacrament, and held together by a spirit of Generous Orthodoxy.



We want all our students to study their theology while engaged in active mission. We are committed to the task of preparing Christians theologically and spiritually for the growth of the church in mission and evangelism.


We also hold to the values of…


We aim at the formation of Christian character in the lives of our students, believing that the primary requirement for Christian ministry is Christ-like character, formed and animated by the Holy Spirit. With regard to Anglican ordinands, we aim at formation that prepares them for priestly ministry and leadership within the church.



Whatever we do we want to do it well. This involves aiming at excellence in worship, the highest academic standards, integrity in administration and management and all areas of the college’s life.



We believe the true home for theology is within the church, therefore we want to help make good quality theological teaching available within local churches in the UK and internationally as far as we are able.



We aim to develop men and women as disciples and leaders committed to the growth of the church in its service to the mission of God in the world. Our aim for all our students is that they will be spiritually formed in character and life, to be able to play a part in this mission. We want them to be:



With a growing and active life of prayer, aware of the riches of the Christian history of prayer and spirituality.



Having a deep knowledge of the theological wisdom of the church so that they can discern the signs of the times, the work of the Holy Spirit in the church and the world, and the gifts of others so they can be released for service.



Secure in their own tradition and background, respectful servants of other Christians, and aware of the richness of the whole church.



Nimble enough to develop forms of church life that are rooted in the historic Christian faith, yet that speak into the challenges of life in the C21st.

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